I saw Suzie Quatro again recently, great live as always. Thought I’d repost my business promo I wrote a couple of years back using her song titles.
IF YOU CAN’T GIVE ME LOVE and you no longer want to be a ROLLING STONE, and you aren’t a MAMMA’s BOY, well THE RACE IS ON to CAN THE CAN and buy that home in DEVIL GATE DRIVE.
If dealing with the bank leaves you ALL SHOOK UP, avoid the 48 CRASH and WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE cause SHE’S IN LOVE WITH YOU and I’VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE. The GLYCERINE QUEEN wants a home that’s not TOO BIG and the yard is not ROCK HARD.
The DATONA DEMON and THE WILD ONE, well, they MAYBE TOO YOUNG but the ROXY ROLLER will KEEP ON KNOCKIN’ til we get the right home loan. I’ll guide you so you can’t say I BIT OFF MORE THEN I CAN CHEW.
If I stuff up, YOUR MAMMA WON’T LIKE ME and she will TEAR ME APART leaving me SINGING WITH ANGLES.

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